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100% Better Price Guarantee

Shipment Info Headstone Deals price guarantee does not apply to special offers, promotional offers, employee discounts, rebates, mail in offers, free with purchase offers, limited quantity offers, bundles promotions, unauthorized dealers sales and special financing. Also excludes auctions sites such as eBay and Membership club stores. The item needs to be the identical product available for purchase from an authorized dealer and not a pricing error. Price comparison includes items and applicable shipping and handling charges (the delivered price). The item must be in stock and ready to shipped out right away from the competitor's location. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.

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100% Premium Quality Guarantee

Shipment InfoThank you for selecting a personally crafted memorial from Headstone Deals. We offer nothing but the finest quality memorial products available anywhere in the world. The elements of true quality that are so often overlooked will be evident in every detail of your memorial. We're confident that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase and fully guarantee your product.

All headstone uprights by Headstone Deals are hand-polished and hand-tooled for an exceptional and enduring finish. We hereby certify that your memorial is made of the highest quality granite quarried by our network of companies from our own quarries, or purchased from other quarries, and specifically selected by us for its outstanding natural color and uniform grain. Our granite blocks are personally selected and inspected by our highly skilled employees in our factories. Our stones are of the best quality in brilliance of natural color, uniformity, and clarity of natural grain. We certify that after sawing and polishing these granite materials, our quality inspectors will upon inspection ensure that we have chosen only the very best of the finest granites to produce your headstone memorial. You will not find any stone equivalent to the quality of Headstone Deals.

We certify that your Headstone Deals memorial will be crafted using the finest methods of high attention finishing, fine steeling, edging, hand tooling, hand polishing, carving, etching, and sculpting. Careful attention will be noted in every detail, and final inspection will be made to ensure the highest quality in fit and finish of your headstone memorial.

Upon completion, you can be sure that your Headstone Deals memorial will be free from defects and will have passed the inspection of the toughest memorial quality standards program in the industry.

We certify that Headstone Deals will replace without charge any headstone memorial should it crack, check, flake, discolor, or prove defective due to natural causes. This guarantee covers completely all aspects of the memorial as produced by Headstone Deals, up to and including granite, finishing, sandblast, etching, and sculpting.

Headstone Deals is not responsible under any circumstances for any damage to or staining of the memorial resulting from acts or omissions of any kind other than acts or missions of Headstone Deals covered by this guarantee. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Headstone Deals is not responsible for cleaning accumulated dirt or other material coming in contact with the memorial or their effects, vandalism, theft, war, flood or other acts of God, environmental or atmospheric conditions, or the act or omission of any party including the purchaser.

This guarantee extends to the original purchaser, the purchaser's heirs or assignees, and the cemetery where the memorial is erected. This guarantee is valid in perpetuity and becomes effective upon the date when the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement have been met between the purchaser and the Headstone Deals, This guarantee gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

This guarantee does not include vases of any material, porcelain photos, or litho chrome paint in letters or carvings.

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