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Companion Upright Headstones

Upright Headstone Monuments are the most traditional and perfect for families who are looking for a dignified and classic way to remember their loved one. Its referred to a set of a minimum 2 pieces, the tall and standing upright is called as Die or tablet supported by a sturdy Base, usually of the same color of granite. The classic and most popular style is the Serptop shape with all polished sides. Your memorial headstone can be as large or as small as you need, as long as it stays within the restrictions set forth by your cemetery. From Flowers, religious symbols, emblem to flags, natural scenery and portraits, we can sandblast or engrave any desired pattern or artwork reflecting lifestyles of your beloved one. Traditional uprights are also called as Serptops, Grave Headstones, Gravestones, Cemetery uprights and Upright monuments.

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